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Disposable Cleaning Methods will now be applied while we service our clients during this very sensitive time.


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  • Mops & Cross Contamination

  • Cleaning Cloths & Cross Contamination

  • Disposable Mopping Methods

Traditional mops, sponge mops, wring mops, even Velcro mops are not suggested during this sensitive time as they can be used over and over and over, house to house , job to job and support cross contamination. We use a t- stick method, which is , in my opinion, the best method during this very sensitive time We add a new disposable mopping cloth - It is used once and thrown away. Disposable mopping cloths are the best solution during this very sensitive time.



  • Disposable cleaning cloths


We have also begun using disposable handy wipes in place of micro fiber cloths which are used once and thrown away.


Your continued health and wellbeing is our greatest concern. Feel free to call Zoe to discuss your next cleaning today! 239-572-4199